Because we think an appropriate feedback can be life changing,
our mission is to bring the right information at the right moment to support people in their life
Who has never wanted to have a personal coach everytime he faces a new challenge?
At Pose Studio Pose we combine cutting edge Machine Learning algorithms with the knowledge of different
experts to make available to everybody at anytime and anywhere the feedback which will make the difference.
We support people in their rehabilitation process
To do so we designed SoPhysio which provides to physiotherapist and their patients a tool that follows the entire rehabilitation process. It provides a large bunch of rehabilitation exercises, a real time feedbacks to the patients during their exercises, a precise analyse of what the patients did and a summary of their progress
We support people in their practice of Yoga
Because supporting people in achieving their best self is important to us, we created SoYoga. A social network dedicated to Yoga in which yogis can find videos of their favorite yoga teacher combined with our tools. We offer an analysis of their posture during their pratice and a personalized feedback to support yogis through their learning path.
Interested by the projet?
We are looking for people who are keen to join the project
or who simply want to try our prototypes.
If you are interested, feel free to contact us at